1. Slab Selection 
    The first step is to select the material that will soon become your new countertop. You are invited to visit our slab yard. Please make an appointment to view your stone.
  2. Free Estimate 
    The next step is to find out what your needs are. Getting a drawing of the project you are working on can do this. All that is necessary is a blueprint or hand drawing of your kitchen cabinets with dimensions.
  3. Template 
    Once you have received our quote and we have agreed to do the job, it is now time to template. We will set up a time that is convenient for you to send our template technician to make exact measurements for your job.
  4. Fabrication 
    After we have your measurements and you have selected your stone, your material is brought into the Fabrication facility. Measurements are entered into a computerized system to ensure complete accuracy. The stone and edge profiles are cut according to these measurements.


  • *Fabrication and installation can not be scheduled until we have all sinks, faucets, cooktops, or any item that requires cutouts, stone is inhouse and approved by the customer, templates are completed, and customer has approved cutting layout and confirmed edge detail.
  • *Prior to template and installation all existing plumbing to be disconnected and current countertops removed.
  • *Prior to fabrication, the customer should review and approve stone for color, grain, and layout at our shop even if it was previously approved at the stone supplier. We will fabricate without this final approval, but customer will be responsible for finished product.
  • *Job will be templated by us or templates and/or detailed prints to be supplied by customer.
  • *The customer to supply all items (stovetops, sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, etc.) which require cutouts or holes in stone.
  • *The customer to note exact location of all sinks, stovetops, and hardware, as noted above.
  • *The customer is responsible to assure that all sinks, stovetops, and hardware will fit in cabinet openings.
  • *Access to the installation site may dictate size and weight limitations on pieces to be fabricated.


  • *All cabinets must be completely installed, must be level to within 1/8” in 10’-0”, and clear of all projections.
  • *All moldings (windows, doors, etc.), which will hinder installation, must be removed and replaced by the customer.
  • *In cold weather installations heat is required to allow adhesives on seams and sinks to properly cure and prevent voiding of seam warranty.
  • *The customer is responsible to set proper height of dishwasher and stove and note exact location.
  • *Due to high and low spots in walls and drywall, we cannot guarantee that your backsplash will be flat to all mounting surfaces.
  • *Installer will color match based on his experience and judgment during the time of installation.
  • *We apply one coat of sealer to the stone when fabrication is completed. It is suggested that the customer apply an additional two coats of sealer to maximize the stain protection of the stone as soon as possible after installation, and to reseal or check countertop yearly after that.